5 misconceptions that prevent you from learning to draw.

drawing paper

Drawing is a wonderful and difficult skill that conveys your imagination. In addition, there are myths, barriers that hinder your growth, your inner desire for drawing. Here are some of them:

I can not draw.

Most often this means that a person cannot draw realistic things. And instead of learning or choosing a different drawing style, you just quit drawing at all.

Can you draw an object so that the viewer recognizes it? Still not realistic enough? Then practice more often, and you will succeed!

Are Artists Born or Made?

You look at the artist’s superb drawing and think that the author created it effortlessly. That does not correspond to the facts. The author has sharpened his skills for years and has come to this result.

Among us there are many gifted artists who do not yet know about their abilities just because they compare themselves with someone who has worked a lot. Some people think it is an innate talent, which is unavailable to them. But you hold the keys to the kingdom!

Your drawings should impress everyone.

It is a nice feeling when you are praised. But negative comments are able to discourage the desire to draw for a long time.

It is important to draw for the sake of the process itself. Good reviews, of course, are good, but if only they are the goal, then frequent disappointments cannot be avoided. Therefore, do what you love, draw for the soul, to the delight of yourself and others. Then the negative reviews of your work will not hurt so much.

The artist can draw whatever he wants.

There is a wide range of drawing types, from animation to architecture. You cannot be the best in everything. You will need to choose a drawing area and your style. Man or animals? Or maybe architecture? Or animation? Each of these types of drawing has its own characteristics. You need to choose your vocation and continue the practice.

You need special tools for drawing.

Look at the work of Leonardo da Vinci and think. He had neither a graphic tablet, nor a variety of modern tools for artists. You can also create sketches with a pencil or pen. Just focus on what you are drawing, and not on the tool.

As you can see, you can learn how to draw, though it is not an easy task. If you are an aspiring artist and do not know where to start, you can read some tips.

We are what we draw!

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