Best Drawing Markers. Which ones to choose?


Nowadays, there are a large number of alcohol markers, and it is very difficult for a beginner to make a right choice. In this article you will read about which alcohol markers companies exist, what marker consists of, and also what you should pay attention to when choosing markers.

For some people, drawing markers is a one set selection.

Many people are not particularly interested in what’s inside of the marker, what it is filled with, what’s the name of the pen, what is the variety of the whole palette. But drawing markers are common as blackberries!

Despite the fact that there are many manufacturers and types of markers, there’s only one point: to find the best qualitative marker. To suit technical tasks, to comfortably lie in your hand and enheartened to do masterpieces with its chic palette of shades. How to find the ones?

What does the marker consist of?

The marker consists of: a body, an internal part (similar to a dense sponge soaked with ink) and a pen-tip (one, two or even three). Most expensive part of the marker is nib and ink. This is the constitute part of the price, and only then marketing and delivery with all taxes are added.

At what you need to pay attention to?

Good alcohol markers of different companies are required to be “friends” with each other: mix on paper, be approximately the same in terms of ink quality and behavior under equal conditions. However, there are several points that you should pay attention to when choosing alcohol markers for drawing.


The most working part of the marker is the tip. They come in different shapes, but any feather, whether it’s a brush, a chisel or a bullet, should not collapse or dishevel— quickly go unserviceable.

Also, the nib should not be too soft (this leads to loss of controllability) or too hard. The gnash of a hard nib on paper wakes up demons from the farthest corners of the soul! And it’s good if the manufacturer makes it possible to replace the nib – that is, if a new replacement nib can be purchased with marker.


Liquid-filling is an ink bottle that we can independently fill in the marker, extending his life. Refillable markers allow you to decently save the budget if you draw a lot.

Color palette for drawing markers

The larger the color palette is, the more opportunities it gives for an artistic idea. However, since we all have our own preferences in favorite shades and color nuances, it is important to pay attention and choose the colors of the markers you need among all manufacturers, without being tied to one company.

Sometimes the desired shade can be obtained by overlaying several others in the drawing, but for this you need to know very well all the possibilities of mixing your palette. Of course, it is easier to buy the prepared marker.

Interactions with other materials

Focus on how marker inks react with other materials. For example, with a white gel pen and with liners. Does the marker ink react violently with a white gel pen? Will a sketch drawn on paper with a liner be smeared from a marker?

The materials you select must be tested before use. Alongside, it gives an understanding of which marker most closely matches your needs.

Marker manufacturers

Well, now we know what it consists of and what it is worth paying attention to when choosing a marker. It remains to decide which marker or which brands to choose. So, a detailed review on markers.

COPIC markers – world leading manufacturer


COPIC markers – Japanese company with the largest color palette and several product lines. The line differ in the shape of the body, and the more expensive the marker is, the larger its palette and ink volume.


➕ About 350 colors

➕ You may find branded reffiling in all shades

➕ Replaceable nibs

➕ Branded paper

➕ Numbering is not erased from marker caps

➕ A good stable manufacturer. Rightly so it is world leading manufacturer

➕ There is a special line WIDE with a very wide nib. It is convenient when painting large planes and also great for calligraphy.


➖ The price tag is significantly more expensive than competitors.

➖ When drawing may appear a bit of grainy texture. Most people do not pay attention to it.

Markers from the ZIG (KURECOLOR) manufacturer


Also made in Japan. This factory also has several lines with different reffilers for different requests. There are markers with one pen, there is with the thinnest pen for fine detailing and with a brush, there is an increased refill (they are such puffy).

The ZIG Fine & brush for Manga line has a nice wear-resistant brush (not as sharp as Copic’s) and a comfortable thin bullet-like nib. This nib is ideal for artists who love to draw small details.

Since the KURECOLOR manufacturer has a huge range of products and does not rely mainly on alcohol markers, little is changed in their products – for 4 years not a single new color has been added, and the disadvantages have not changed. Everything is very constant with them.


➕ Branded reffiling

➕ They have branded replaceable nibs

➕ Palette has 136 colors


➖ The chisel is too hard

➖ Several colors when drawing noticeably change their shade after drying (but always predictably)

➖ Not all models have a convenient body.

Markers from Promarker manufacturer


Initially, these markers were developed in England but now are produced in China. But it is worth paying attention that Winsor & Newton is a large European company, so the production is of very high quality. Promarker – is a good worthy product.


➕ Winsor&Newton markers have the lowest grain structure and best coating color. That is, they are not difficult to make a smooth fill.

➕ Two models Pro (chisel + thin nib) and Brush (brush + chisel)

➕ Shades! The Pro line has more of them – 148, and the Brush line – 72. Moreover, another 12 shades are only in the Brush line. In total, the general color palette of the Pro and Brush lines is 160 colors.


➖ Miniscule amount of ink

➖ No matching accessories

➖ A small color palette of Brush line.

SKETCHMARKER drawing markers


Young manufacturer with rapid growth. Markers are made in China by order of a Russian company. There are significant improvements with each batch. Hopefully, another year and they will confidently lie on the same shelf with Copic markers.

Exist two models of Sketchmarker markers: a chisel + bullet (Sketchmarker) and a brush + chisel (Sketchmarker Brush).

The chisel is wider than Сopic ones. Brush is rather dry. This may raise a question on first contact. But there are also its advantages: it is impossible to make a blot just lingering in one place and at the same time there is the opportunity to draw a super thin line with the tip of the brush.


➕ Great price-quality ratio. The manufacturer motto: “Professional materials should be affordable”. What can I say – a wonderful motto!

➕ The color pallette is already over 250 and will be increased to 400. This is a claim for the largest pallette.

➕ There is a branded reffiling

➕ They have branded replaceable nibs


➖ The very minus of them is the letters erase from the body

➖ Caps are poorly selected by color, but in the last batch it became better.

TOUCH drawing markers


From the obvious pluses: all the nibs are of very high quality, but as for me, the brush is a bit dry (if compared with the Сopic markers). They have a good color pallette and comfortable body. Of the minuses: the numbers are also erased from the caps, but this often happens when actively using.

PRISMACOLOR drawing markers


American marker manufacturer. From the pros: high-quality marker (nib-brush and bullet thin nib). Ink lies equable. Of the minuses: while new, it’s very difficult to open the cap.

GRAPH’IT markers for drawing

The ergonomic triangular shape of the body has a larger diameter, for me personally the inconvenience is in the hand. Marker is too thick, and the wrist tightens while drawing. Maybe this is just me? I don’t know. Otherwise, I did not notice any global minuses. Markers are good.

FINECOLOR drawing markers


Chinese manufacturer. In general, these are good markers. Especially pretty ones with a nib-brush. It is a little bit dry, like the Touch markers, but this is not a drawback, but rather a specificity.

Of the obvious minuses – the nonsense with ink of a yellow-red color shades. The Finecolor marker palette has about 6-8 of these shades: from the brightest yellow, to orange and red. All of them have an unstable component in dyes.

When drawing, this is not noticeable, but when storing the sketchbook in a closed form, the ink of these colors passes right through to neighboring sheets, which produce the printing of pigment on the pages adjacent to the drawing. The manufacturer was obliged to solve the problem for a long time ago, since this is not a new product. But the problem stays the same. There is no problems with the rest of the colors.


In the end, I will add that all alcohol markers are not lightfast. And finished masterpieces should not be placed in frames. The Art will quickly change all shades towards unpredictability.

And another very important thing: is the rest of paint! You should be guided by them in order to understand where is the real shade. Do not focus on the marker cap. Absolutely all manufacturers have errors with matching cap color to real ink color. Of course, there are an incredible amount of markers manufacturers in this world, so you need to choose the best ones for yourself.

Thank you for your attention and I wish inspiration for everyone!

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  1. * Drawing pens are filled with either pigment ink or dye ink. Artwork created with pigment ink will last longer and retain color better than artwork created with dye ink. Based on the above criteria, here are 3 of the best drawing pens for artists. I have used each of these brands so I can vouch for their quality!

    1. Ramon, thank you very much for a comment. Which of the mentioned markers do you prefer?

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