How to draw a landscape?

If you are concerned about how to fill your landscape with depth, space, air and volume – this article will be interesting for you. Read about  important things that every novice artist needs to know and use while painting the landscape! If you paint with oil, watercolor, pastel, gouache, acrylic or pencils – these rules […]

How to sketch faces? Tips

Portraits can enliven the sketch I love portrait painting, especially for how human faces brighten up as a result. It seems like a companion / friend appears on a piece of paper. When looking at painted portraits after a while, I see certain emotions that a person experienced at that time. Portrait painting – is […]

Best Drawing Markers. Which ones to choose?

Nowadays, there are a large number of alcohol markers, and it is very difficult for a beginner to make a right choice. In this article you will read about which alcohol markers companies exist, what marker consists of, and also what you should pay attention to when choosing markers. For some people, drawing markers is […]

Love in Art

Love has always been and remains the main theme of art. Something very personal is always revealed in a talentedly executed graphic portrait or on canvas. In essence, there can be neither a beautiful style, nor a beautiful line, nor a beautiful color, unless the work of art does not permeates the creator’s love for […]

7 sins of a beginning artist!

Typical mistakes made by beginning artists. Any activity seems difficult at first, but the problem with drawing is that here nearly everyone thinks he is an expert. Drawings can be obtained or not, but we can not blame the artist, because the whole thing is solely in talent, right? Of course NOT! If you do […]

How to market Art Online?

You are a beginning artist, and your imagination has produced something truly original and interesting. Now you are ready to present your creation to the public, sell it and make some money, but you do not know where to start. Obviously, you decide to use Internet as a sales platform, since you do not have […]

How to draw animals with pencils?

Depicturing animals is an interesting, but rather complicated topic for the artist. It is different from the image of a person or objects. There are some nuances and subtleties that need to be taken into account in order to achieve realism in the picture. Learning such an art on your own will not be easy. […]

Top composition concepts in painting!

Any activity has its own principles and rules that must be followed in order to achieve high results. Fine art is not an exception. Without knowledge of the rules of composition, perspectives, etc., you will not be able to do a professional qualitative work. All this need to be learned. Moreover, you should not forget […]

Does drawing have to be stressful? 

Emotions, tension and stress will always be reflected in your paintings. A painting or drawing is able to expose hidden conflicts, experiences, draw attention to problems, relieve spontaneity and tension. But the drawing process itself should not be stressful. While being stressed, most often, drawings are made with small uncertain strokes, or with uneven, zigzag […]