Graffiti: art or vandalism?

What do you think, how many methods of self-expression exist in the world? In the era of technological progress, they simply cannot be counted. The possibilities of human have become almost limitless. However, despite this, people did not stop painting on the walls. Only now, far from everyone perceives painted walls as a way of […]

Top movies about artists and art

Outstanding artists not only created masterpieces, but also by themselves were charismatic personalities, whose lives deserved much attention. It is no coincidence that many of them formed the basis for feature films and documentaries. GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING (2003) Directed by Peter Webber Starring Scarlett Johansson, Colin Firth The young Griet (Scarlett Johanson) get […]

How to choose charcoal for drawing?

Beginners in drawing may not yet know that there are different types, sizes and degrees of hardness of charcoal for drawing. If you decide to draw in such a pleasant and interesting technique, like drawing with a charcoal, you need to know by what criteria it is right to choose the charcoal, and find out […]

Graphite. Types of graphite pencils

Any person who has ever written, painted or drew with a pencil, is familiar with graphite.  We are accustomed to assume that simple pencils are made of graphite, and we do not think that, in fact, the core of a graphite pencil is made from a mixture of graphite and clay, and is packed in […]

How to choose paper for drawing?

In order for the drawing to be successful, it is very important to choose the right paper. The choice will depend, first of all, on what you are going to draw. For each type of artistic material there are certain types of paper. If you use the same base under colored pencils, ink, gouache, watercolor, […]

Safety techniques when working with art materials

Yes, safety techniques when working with art materials also exists, despite the fact that we all started drawing in an early childhood and used to consider drawing as a completely harmless occupation. Most people usually don’t even think about it. But you should follow safety techniques while drawing. Here are the basic rules of accident […]

Which easel to choose?

In order to answer the question: which easel to choose let us first determine what you will do on it and for whom you choose it. Be sure to consider how it fits into your workspace. For professionals, this question does not arise, this problem is more tormented by beginners. Therefore, first you need to […]