How to believe in yourself and not be afraid to draw?

stop be afraid

Often in conversations with people, you can hear that they want to draw, but unfortunatelly don’t do that. You can hear from them such a phrase like “I’m afraid”. I’m afraid it won’t work, I’m afraid of an empty sheet, I’m afraid of criticism, I’m afraid that they will not understand me.

Let’s talk about fears and try to dispel them.

Answer yourself a few questions.  Why you want to draw? Or why do you draw? Is this a hobby? Some kind of inner need? Job? This is a serious question. Think about why you need it. It may turn out that you don’t really need it, and fear is just one of the excuses you came up with not to draw.

For example, without painting I feel bad. For me it is like an air. This is the most natural need like breathing, eating or running in the morning. If you have a need for drawing, then you have a certain, or maybe hidden talent. If you wouldn’t have natural inclinations and abilities, you simple would not want to draw.

Most of the people have some expectations about their drawings. People want them to be beautiful, correct, just like an image in the head. They expect everyone to like their drawings. And if that doesn’t work out like this, then there’s no need even to start. Because it will be only disgrace and fail. Nothing is better than something – tell people.

Believe me, everything that you draw, even the most oblique, crooked, and possibly ugly (also a very relative concept) is very cool and unique! You create something out of nothing, you share a part of yourself with the world, you progress. But let’s take a closer look.

Are you afraid that someone might not like your drawings?

Well, this is a matter of course! You do not draw 100 dollar bills so that everyone would like them. Even the most famous and talented artists were unloved and criticized by someone. Imagine what could happen if they would also be worried so much and suddenly stopped painting?

People criticize me too. But i even like that. Much can be learned from criticism. And criticism with which I do not agree does not bother me much. Everyone is free to think and say what he wants. And I am free to continue to draw the way i want and consider necessary.

You do not draw, because you know that someone, and all of his friends in addition, will draw better than you?

So what? Well this person will draw better than you. And what does it have to do with you? There will always be someone who does something better than you. This is not a reason for you to stop doing it. By the way, maybe that person also weeps at night in the pillow and nervously bites his nails, because in his opinion the other person draws even cooler! And that other cool person, although he is undoubtedly cool, is also not always happy with himself. Everyone have their own idols.

Are you afraid that you will not like your drawings?

Firstly, in your head you had a butterfly, but you got a dinosaur? The answer to this dilemma is simple! You can draw butterflies every day during the week and by the end you will see that they will begin to look like butterflies! Maybe you are not afraid to draw and simply are lazy to practice?

Nothing happens perfect immediately. And what seems to be done with ease, most likely took years of practice. And if you don’t like what you’re doing, that’s good too. So you have something to strive for. So the next picture will be better.

Are you afraid of a blank sheet?

I can give some practical advice. Do not start with a blank sheet. Put a point, draw a line, and start to draw from it. Do not buy expensive albums. Buy cheap ones so you would not feel sorry for dirtying it. Start with small formats and small quick sketches.

Always carry a small sketchbook and a couple of pencils with you.

Draw everything you see on the street. Besides the fact that this is a great practice, you simply will not have time to be afraid, all attention and thoughts will be riveted to the object of drawing. Draw with friends, participate in creative flash mobs. You will find people close to you in spirit who can support and inspire you.

In the end, it all comes down to just one question – why do you need it? If you just love to draw, then just do it! If you want to learn how to draw, learn! I also study all the time. It also seems to me that I am not even close to some artists, so what?

Better be afraid that perhaps a great talent is hiding in you and you might be able to create something wonderful, and discover the source of uninterrupted pleasure in the form of your favorite hobby or profession, but you deny it because you’re afraid.

Believe me, every artist have to start from somewhere! And if you feeling stressed while drawing, you can read a related article here!

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