How to draw animals with pencils?


Depicturing animals is an interesting, but rather complicated topic for the artist. It is different from the image of a person or objects. There are some nuances and subtleties that need to be taken into account in order to achieve realism in the picture.

Learning such an art on your own will not be easy. After all, the ability to draw is not just a skill of copying without knowledge of techniques. This is the implementation of certain steps in a phased and complete image analysis.

Without theoretical knowledge, you will not be able to correctly build proportions, place the image on a sheet and take into account the rules of perspective.

What do you need to know when drawing animals?

Before you draw any object on a piece of paper, you need to analyze it. Animals are not an exception. As you know, all objects consist of geometric shapes. Therefore, before starting work, carefully analyze the depicted animal. So, the head is a circle, and the body is an oval, etc.

It is also important to know the anatomical structure: how the skeleton and muscular frame are structured. The task is complicated by the presence of wool or feathers that hide the contours of the figure.

Principles of drawing: from simple to complex!

Only a true professional can draw a living creature. After all, animal will not sit still and pose like a person. Beginners can start drawing from the example of scarecrows or sketching from a photograph. The image remains static, and artist can spend as much time on the drawing as it takes.

Amateur artists can start drawing small animals or birds: magpies, crows, hares, foxes, etc. After successful development, it is already possible to move on to larger objects, such as a horse or a lion, for example.

Which technique can I use?

The accomplishment techniques may be different. It can be either a full-fledged realistic drawing, or a sketch, in general terms, conveying the image of an object. Depending on this, you will use different techniques to perform with a pencil: only with a contour, elaboration of a stroke, etc. When performing sketches, draw animals in different poses, gradually working out all possible body positions. Only constant practice will help to achieve high results.

One of the main difficulties in drawing an animal is the representation of wool or feathers. Here, even the laws of light and shade work elsewise. The cover has its own nuances that must be taken into account: the direction of growth, the length of the coat, its stiffness, or vice versa softness. The same applies to plumage. All this should be taken into account.

Below you can see how you can draw some animals step-by-step.

An easy owl drawing:


Step-by-step horse drawing:

horse drawing

How should be drawn horses body parts:

Beautiful and majestic lion:


Cute bear:

teddy bear i love you

Of course how without a cat:



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