Love in Art


Love has always been and remains the main theme of art.

Something very personal is always revealed in a talentedly executed graphic portrait or on canvas.

In essence, there can be neither a beautiful style, nor a beautiful line, nor a beautiful color, unless the work of art does not permeates the creator’s love for human or nature. In art converge together all threads of human life, all emotions. Through love, a person contact with future, with eternity, with ethnic group to which he belongs, with the whole past of mankind and with all its future destiny. In the contact of people, in their attraction to each other lies the great secret of life, the secret of creativity.

The desires and fantasies of the artist become works of art only through transformation.

When the obscene in these desires softens, their personal origin is masked and as a result of observing the rules of beauty, a seductive share of pleasure is offered to other people. This is the whole charm of love of art and spiritual enrichment, when the artist sees that the creation or masterpiece, which was made by his hands and soul is liked by other people.

Love is the most important force producing ideas, awakening a person’s creative ability.

Art intuitively feels the fusion of two forces consisting in love – the forces of life and the forces of ideas. In everyday life, everything that is said about love “realistically” is always rude and flat. Only in the question of love there is a sharp difference between a deep “occult” understanding of life and a superficial “positive” thinking.

The world is full of chaos.

Although, there is a beauty that a person creates from time to time. Paintings, music, books that he writes, life that he manages to live. And most of the beauty lies in a perfectly lived life. This is the highest work of art. The most exalted goal of art is to make human hearts beat faster, to arouse a sense of reverence or compassion. As defined Aristotle, to call out the catharsis – cleansing of human soul.

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