Reduce Stress Using Art Therapy! Anxiety Test.


Remember, in childhood, you were fond of drawing – on wallpapers, in albums and even books and magazines? So, psychologists say that drawing helps to express feelings that a person cannot describe in words. With age, we cease to draw enthusiastically. But does this mean that we have learned to choose the right words to express our feelings?

Hobbies or treatment?

Adults are often not even able to realize their emotional experiences. In this case, an art therapy comes to the rescue. This is an excellent medicine that has no contraindications. In any situation, I advise you to take a brush in your hand (you can even try the left hand to leverage the right hemisphere of the brain and “turn on” the unconscious), watercolor or gouache, and start painting.

– The drawing process itself endowed with healing effect.

Paper – is the outside world, and a person contacts with the paper the way he engages the outside world. Do you have a problem? Draw it. Let it be an image of a plant, animal, landscape or even an abstraction.

The main thing is to splash out your emotionality on paper. Namely, to show the outside what is hidden inside of you. If you are very stressed, do a series of drawings. Choose 2-3 colors that you like, and draw every day without thinking about what you depicted and how.

Art is a tool of psychology.

According to professionals, the painting reflects in a symbolic form the content of the unconscious – human fears, insult, anger, shame, guilt, joy. But the art therapist will never decipher symbols on the painting.

In particular, the inner world of a person is very individual. The same symbol in the paintings of two people can mean completely different things. Interpreting the symbols, the therapist risks imposing on the person his inner experience, his projections, his injuries, and thereby harm him even more.

Only a person knows what he has drew. An art therapist only accompanies a person on the path of self-examination, asking leading questions, while observing breathing, bodily movements, autonomic reactions (pallor or redness of the skin).

Can I help myself with art therapy?

At home, drawing is good as a way to release emotional and bodily tension in case of stress, sometimes it even helps to relieve a pain symptom, but it is impossible to cure a deep depression or a more serious illness in this way without a help of a specialist.

Doctors with good reason talk about the danger of a self-treatment. I believe that this is true in the case of art therapy too. Its inept use can do harm.

If you do not understand the cause of your malaise, you can draw, but do not forget that the causes of anxiety will remain. If you want changes, you cannot do without analysis of products of creativity. An art therapist will help you with this.

When you understand through a drawing, text, or a figure sculpted from clay, what is happening to you, why in your life everything turned out that way, you will have a chance to change everything for the better.

Drawing, like any act of creativity, brings you back to life, helps to get rid of apathy, to get out of depression. As such, the effectiveness of art therapy helps to fight cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders and helps the rehabilitation of cancer patients.

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a treatment based on a lesson of artwork. This is drawing, dancing, listening to music, writing fairy tales, poems, stories, creating figures and applications from different materials. Art therapy evokes positive emotions in people, helps to overcome apathy, lack of initiative, to form more active life position.


  1. Is your anxiety level high?
  2. Does it happen to you that on your way to work you think that you forgot to turn off the iron or gas at home?
  3. Do you often feel mortally exhausted, although you don’t seem to be overworked?
  4. Are you worried for no reason?
  5. Are you indifferent of what place to take in a theater or a concert?
  6. Do you often remember your dreams?
  7. Are you startled when the phone rings?
  8. Are you glad to see guests who suddenly come without prior agreement?
  9. Do your palms sweat, your knees tremble, do you feel pain in the lower abdomen if you go to an unfamiliar place?
  10. Are you getting very upset if you find a stain on your clothes and you have to go somewhere in this form?
  11. Do you like to make new friends?
  12. Does it happen to you that before you go on vacation you suddenly want to give it up?
  13. Do you sometimes jump in the middle of the night with a feeling of intense hunger?
  14. Does it happen often that you do not want to see anyone?
  15. Arriving at the restaurant, will you agree to sit down at a table at which someone is already sitting?
  16. Do you often do what others would like to?



For each answer “YES” to questions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 15, also for each answer “NO” to questions: 5, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14 you have 1 point.

If you have not scored points at all, are you completely honest in your answers?

  • From 1 to 4 points. Most likely, you rarely commit rash acts, and you stand firmly on your feet. Well, some slight note of uncertainty is not a flaw, but only proves the flexibility of your psyche.
  • From 5 to 8 points. The result suggests that you have a strong need to feel more confident. But you are a bit clamped and too often look back at the opinions of others.
  • From 9 to 12 points. So far you are not very confident in yourself and your strengths. This feeling prevents you from spreading your wings. Analyze your actions, try to be tougher in communication and don’t go with the flow.
  • From 13 to 15 points. You are just afraid to live! You are not letting your feelings develop and afraid of your “liberal” thoughts. Do not back yourself into a corner! You can learn to be confident in yourself, and then your life will become much more interesting. A natural sedative will help you to cope with manifestations of causeless anxiety and irritability. If you feel that you cannot help yourself anymore, remember there is an art-therapist to share your feelings with. You are not alone!

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