Love in Art

Love has always been and remains the main theme of art. Something very personal is always revealed in a talentedly executed graphic portrait or on canvas. In essence, there can be neither a beautiful style, nor a beautiful line, nor a beautiful color, unless the work of art does not permeates the creator’s love for […]

Does drawing have to be stressful? 

Emotions, tension and stress will always be reflected in your paintings. A painting or drawing is able to expose hidden conflicts, experiences, draw attention to problems, relieve spontaneity and tension. But the drawing process itself should not be stressful. While being stressed, most often, drawings are made with small uncertain strokes, or with uneven, zigzag […]

Why drawing is good for you?

Drawing develops cognitive functions. Drawing is a boon to the better perception, visual memory and fine motor skills. It helps to look at things more deeply, to study subjects comprehensively. Drawing helps to look at the world with other vision, you start to love nature, people and animals even more. You start to appreciate everything […]

Where to start, read and study?

Here are some ideas for you. Join some drawing courses or visit an art party. If you are rather a fan of video tutorials, then here is the popular channel of professional artist Bob Ross. Alternatively, video tutorials by Katie Jobling , where she post drawing lessons in different styles, methods and tools. Searching ideas […]