What is redraw, and why you need to revise your old sketchbooks.


Any artist or designer knows that drawing is not just a gift, but work and skill that need to be developed every day. Therefore, it is especially important to carefully monitor this process and try to notice every mistake. A conscious redrawing of your old works will help in this matter.

What is redraw and why you need to revise your old sketchbooks.

Redraw – is very popular in art circles. The redrawings of already existing drawings, are best to show how the artist evolved over a certain chronological interval.

Over time, the artist’s eyes are able to notice details that were not noticed earlier and the artist can add accents that were missed when creating the first work. It is in redrawing you can “play” with color and styles: try to draw several versions of the same picture in different ways. Make sure that you like to draw in that way and try to understand what is best for you.

To develop yourself as an artist, you need to be very careful when comparing your work with someone else’s. But, of cource, you cannot avoid the comparison entirely. It is necessary to somehow track your progress (or regress).  It is enough to compare the new and the old work in order to notice with your own eyes the result of your labors.

In general, storing notebooks with sketches is interesting by itself. But their greatest value lies in the fact that you can track your progress. It is not just fun, but also useful for the development of artistic skills.

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