Why drawing is good for you?


Drawing develops cognitive functions.

Drawing is a boon to the better perception, visual memory and fine motor skills. It helps to look at things more deeply, to study subjects comprehensively. Drawing helps to look at the world with other vision, you start to love nature, people and animals even more. You start to appreciate everything stronger!

The very same process of drawing causes incredible, delightful emotions. A person is spiritually enriched and grows above himself, develops and reveals his hidden abilities. It is necessary to draw in order to be happy and to give good and beauty to the world.

Drawing is a way of self-expression.

By drawing, a person reveals his personal potential. Painting is a dialogue of the inner “I” with the world. Drawing gives something new to each person. Someone in this process finds peace and relaxation, and someone finds a blissout and cheer. For the third it is the meaning of life.

Drawing increases self-esteem.

When drawing, a person becomes more confident in himself. Fear of showing your work and being misunderstood is inevitable. Every artist passes through it. However, over time, the “immunity” is produced to unfair criticism.

I draw simply because I like it. I draw in order to be happy. In addition, it is clear that everyone has his or her own happiness. Someone is happy when dancing, someone – when rushing from the mountain on skis. Someone – when is drawing. However, the pleasure of the process arises when there are reasults, and if you study to draw, it may take some time.

If you overcome the difficulties, you will see that there is room for improvement. There may be failures and disappointments, but you should never give up. The joy of what happens is worth the effort.

Drawing as a way of meditation.

Many people compare drawing with meditation. Artwork allows you to relax, enter the state of flow. The artists note that when drawing, they “disconnect” from the outside world, there is no place for everyday thoughts in the head. Drawing is self-expression, another reality.

Oddly enough, the most difficult thing is not to learn to draw, but to come up with it, start, move out of the comfort zone.

Drawing is a pleasure.

This is one of the most exciting activities. When a city comes to life on a white sheet or, for example, a forest is breathing throughout of the canvas, you experience genuine pleasure. Drawing is a pleasure. This is self-expression. This is a splash of emotions and peace.

Can you imagine, you go along the street, and the light is so beautiful, and the lilac has blossomed, and the houses have stood so beautifully in a row … And you think: “Oh, I would love to sit down here and draw all this beauty!”. And you feel good at heart immediately …

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